Alyssa Hill Bodywork

Healing and Integration for the Whole Self

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Alyssa Hill is trained in a variety of massage modalities and alternative therapies.  In 2007 she decided to start healing work beginning with Reiki training, a modality she found useful and exciting as she started to learn yoga and AcroYoga.  In 2010 she began officially training in professional massage, starting with Thai Yoga Bodywork and AcroYoga.  She completed an 80 hour AcroYoga Teacher training with AcroYoga Montreal in the summer of 2010.  Her Thai Yoga Bodywork training, an extensive 350 hour training, was completed in 2011.  She holds Advanced Practitioner status through Devanadi Yoga Studio and the Thai Healing Alliance International. She has completed a 900 hour Advanced Therapeutic Massage training program through CenterPoint Massage and Shiatsu School in December of 2015.  Her training at CenterPoint included Craniosacral healing and advanced techniques in Trigger Point and Deep Tissue massage, alongside extensive anatomy and kinesiology training.  She also has ***hours of training through Thai Bodywork School of Thai Massage in Chicago, a school focusing on Clinical Thai Bodywork an approach at Thai Massage that incorporates the extensive knowledge of and release of Trigger Points.

Outside massage and teaching AcroYoga, Alyssa sings in a choir, Anonymous Choir. Enjoys performing fire with the amazing Infiamati Fire Circus and Barebones Puppet Show.  She seasonally harvests wild rice in northern Minnesota and maple syrup in northeastern Pennsylvania.  She enjoys occasionally teaching yoga classes and lifting weights at the crossfit gym.  She takes time to meditate and get massages every week.  In the summer she enjoys being outside, leaving town and helping at a farm, or sailing in Lake Calhoun.  Most importantly she enjoys healing herself, facilitating healing in others, and living life like it is important.