Alyssa Hill Bodywork

Healing and Integration for the Whole Self

Massage Therapy/Bodywork booking

Alyssa Hill is skilled in several modalities of bodywork and healing.  She is able to integrate these into her practice to create a session specific to your needs at the time of your massage.  She will often use multiple modalities to facilitate body awareness, pain and stress relief, injury repair, positive body image and empowerment over one’s own health.  

  • Thai Yoga Bodywork:

Thai Yoga Bodywork is a healing treatment that integrates Yoga, Ayurveda, and Energy Healing.  The client wears loose, comfortable clothing that is suitable for movement and stretching. The practitioner uses rhythmic massage, assisted Yoga poses, and acupressure to stimulate the healing energies, open blocked areas, and bring the body, mind and spirit back into balance and harmony. 

Whether you have a yoga practice or not, this healing therapy will leave you feeling refreshed, rested, and alive. Joints are loosened and opened through mobilization and peripheral stimulation, muscles are stretched, internal organs are toned, vitality is increased and a deep state of relaxation is achieved. In addition to unblocking and regulating the flow of energy in the body, Thai Yoga Bodywork has therapeutic results in virtually all of the systems of the body.

  • Therapeutic/Rehabilitative Massage:

Therapeutic massage is used to treat injuries and areas of chronic pain. Using Trigger Point release, deep tissue techniques and mobilization you will experience significant change in the muscle tissue thereby improving the circulation, mobility and overall health of the area. Generally this modality focus' on specific pain areas and affected tissues to efficiently create change.  Techniques may be uncomfortable while applied, however area will feel more mobile within 24hrs. As with all massage modalities,  more than one session is needed to create lasting change, though you will likely notice improvement after the first session.  You will also leave every session with stretches and/or exercises to aid in maintaining and encouraging change in pain areas.

  •   Relaxation Massage:

During a Relaxation massage the practitioner uses oils and gentle pressure to melt away stress and tension. The client is typically unclothed and covered with a sheet to professional standards. This is a great full body treatment if you are under stress and needing to relax, improve sleep, improve circulation or warm up stiff muscles in the body. It is also a great modality for those who prefer light pressure.  A great addition to a Relaxation Massage is a 30 minute Craniosacral session to aid in the release of emotional tensions and to allow the body to gently align itself. 

  • Flying Thai Yoga Bodywork:

Thai Bodywork is one of the best ways to passively stretch and relieve tension. Therapeutic flight is like getting a Thai session upside down & backwards in zero-gravity. It is best fitted for someone with some experience with AcroYoga, though most people will find it extremely beneficial. It is an exhilarating and trust building experience.  Clients should wear loose fitting clothing similar to a regular Thai Yoga Bodywork session.  Flying Thai Yoga Bodywork is available at an additional fee added into a Thai Yoga Bodywork session.  If you have no experience with Flying Thai and are interested in trying it outside of a massage session, check out an AcroYoga Minneapolis class to see if it is a good fit for you.

  • BioMat:

BioMat is made of far infrared rays, negative ion and amethyst crystals.   The BioMat is the best infrared heating pad available.  It has the ability to warm deep into the body, leaving you warmer throughout the day.  It loosens muscle tension, improves sleep, lessens inflammation of joints and muscles, as well as the many emotional benefits of Amethyst crystals.  Amethyst aids to open the seventh chakra (thus aligning the entire chakra system) and has been used throughout history for its healing and calming properties.  Using the heated BioMat during your session is available at no additional cost (in warmer months the option of using the mat without heat is also available).  The BioMat is also available as an additional service, clients may spend 20minutes after their session absorbing the healing benefits of the mat.  


Alyssa Hill is also trained in Reiki, Craniosacral, Clinical Thai, and Ayurvedic Massage.  These modalities are often integrated and can be added onto a session but are not available as a stand alone practice.